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01 October 2009 @ 01:23 pm
The Romanian Fan Base position after the Examiner comments  
 Hello to everyone,

I have posted on babycin article but the insults and the persons that used the name of the Romanian people in their slandered had an echo among the Romanian fans.

So this is close to a statement regarding the Romanian Fan Base SPN position to the comments on the examiner article:

The Romanian people are always very close to the Italians, heck I don’t want to make a history lesson but the Romans and the Daces – our ancestors – are the forefathers of the Romanians- so yeah we’re family. We don’t insult our family members! The Romanian and the Italians have been connected for over 2000 years, we share history and Latin heritage.

The injuries brought from those comments, the violence of the words and phrases like “thief and Mafia” made us all here feel ashamed and furious. We don’t insult family and coming from the same Latin background we always had sympathized with the Italian people.

We would like to state that those comments were not made by the Romanian fan base. A clue comes from the usage of the term “Rumanian”. No Latin or Romanian would ever write it like this! Ever!

Another point would be the accusation made that the Convention was Romanian. NO! It’s never was! Together with Barbara and Elisa, I, Vichi and Olivia came up with the desire and hope that a petition and the place: Rome, would make possible for the JIB event.  When the Convention received the green light we were thrilled and began to promote JIB convention in our country so that the Romanian fans can have the opportunity to interact with their pears. We had promoted, we promote and we will promote JIB in Romania!

I hope this point will be clear from now one!

We will lend our support to the JIB convention and as of this moment we are united against any attacks made towards the convention, the Italian people and fans from all over.

This event is made in the spirit of unity and cooperation. It took a lot of time to be made and the person behind this event put not only the Intel but the heart of soul. They made a dream come true for every fan.

“Insieme” together is what we wrote on the petition. 

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pippii: Sammypippii on October 1st, 2009 01:54 pm (UTC)
I got here through babycin and I just want to thank you for writing this....I know how upset she was about the haters and I felt so bad for her and everybody doing such great work.
I hope you guys have one hell of a great and amazing con.
supernaturalro_rip1009supernaturalro on October 1st, 2009 03:18 pm (UTC)
hey there! I understand very well because I felt the same way as she did. It was even more upsetting to see the name of Romania close to those hateful remarks. I can't wait to go JIB and meet every one of you!
daniela: INARI -JUS IN BELLO CONVENTIONserendipityhope on October 1st, 2009 10:56 pm (UTC)
whoever wrote those comments was a "genius" they achieved so many tasks with quite e few words:

1 insulting Italian poeple
2 insulting Romanian people
3 insulting all Supernatural fans coming over to JIB
4 insulting Dawn as a person for doing her job as a journalist
5 outing themselves for the @§§ they are

it was not easy but they managed to! I'm amazed such small brains could so even that!

the one thing they couldn't manage was to make us quarrel, on the contrary now we all are even more united and we will work even harder! And AT JIB CON WE WILL LOVE TO HAVE ANY ROMANIAN FANS DECIDING TO COME OVER.

One idiot can makes things look bad, but one good person can make them feel good for everyone else!